Education and Advocacy

We work with citizens for community development


Community Meetings:

The Manchester Parish Development Committee hosts meetings and workshops for Manchester Parish Civilian Groups and local government representatives – bridging gaps and allowing all voices to be heard.

Case Study:

‘1001 Conversations for Economic Development’. The Manchester PDC hosted a community forum and invited members from Development Area Committees, persons from the business community and local government. The well attended forum included presentations on best practices for economic and social development. Attendees divided into small discussion groups to brainstorm gaps in their sectors (agriculture, tourism, retail) and areas and means for improvement. The groups then presented to the larger group. Conclusions were then made public on the Manchester PDC’s Facebook page and website. This forum created a direct link not only between government representatives and community members, but between community members across sector – allowing for different voices to be heard and ideas exchanged for the interest of parish development.

Education and Capacity Building:

The Manchester Parish Development Committee works with communities and community leaders to build capacity and resources. By bringing together community leaders new skills are learned and ideas are exchanged.

Case Study:

This year, 2013, the Manchester PDC hosted two workshops for Development Area Committee representatives. Representatives from communities all over Manchester attended. The first workshop was aimed at Proposal Writing – how to write a proposal, who to send it to and how to source funding. The second, focused on leadership, financial management and fundraising, brought community leaders together to learn the roles in organizations, how to facilitate meetings and methods for hosting and planning fundraisers.


The Manchester PDC lobbies government and national and international agencies to support local causes to improve the quality of life of Manchesterians.

Case Study:

In 2005, the PDC lobbied the Canadian International Development Association (CIDA) to donate funds to support Silent Hill and Meadow Gray Basic Schools. he PDC’s proposal successfully gained support and the Canada Fund paid for Furnishings and renovations to support growing enrollment in both schools.