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1001 Conversations for Economic Growth

On August 14th 2013 we hosted the first in a series of community forums focused on Parish economic development and sustainable growth. ‘1001 Conversations for Economic Development’ aims to bring together community leaders and involved citizens to create a democratic space for which to share ideas on Parish development. The breakfast meeting was well attended […]

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Manchester Parish Safety and Security Forum

                On August 15th 2013 the Manchester Chamber of Commerce and the Manchester Parish Council held a Manchester Parish Safety and Security Forum, inviting all members of the public to attend. Key speakers, including our very own MPDC Manager Mrs. Angella Edwards, addressed the attending community members on […]

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Leadership, Financial Management and Fund Raising Workshop

On July 17th, 2013 the Manchester Parish Development Committee hosted a Leadership, Financial Management and Fund Raising Workshop. Facilitated by Miss Monica Brown the workshop was well attended by community leaders from Manchester Development Area Committees. The workshop focused on the roles of members of organizations, how to hold meetings to obtain results, preparing agendas, […]

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