Manchester Parish Facts

Understanding the past, embracing the future…

A huge part of celebrating 200 Years of Manchester Parish is embracing its history. We’re working on compiling as much information about Manchester Parish’s history as we can – including compiling old photographs!

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Here are a few facts about Manchester Parish:

  • Marshalls Pen Great House – is a 200 year old great house on a wildlife sanctuary.
  • Gourie Cave, near Christiana, is the longest of the over 100 caves found in Manchester Parish.
  • In 1920, the citrus fruit ortanique–a cross between the orange and tangerine was developed by Charles Jackson of Manchester
  • Manchester is home to the Don Figueroa Mountains
  • The Irish potato was first introduced to Jamaica at Bethany, Manchester
  • The Right Excellent Norman Washington Manley (d. 1969), one of Jamaica’s seven National Heroes, was born in Manchester
  • The Manchester Local Sustainable Development Plan was the first development plan of its kind for the Caribbean and Latin America
  • Manchester is home to some of Jamaica’s most unique biodiversity, including the protected Canoe Valley region
  • According to one 2013 Jamaica Gleaner study, Manchester Parish was given the title “Happiest Parish in Jamaica”
  • Manchester Parish is home to Little Ochie Seafood Restaurant—known to many as Jamaica’s tastiest spot for seafood