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Manchester Bicentennial Virtual Tour

To learn about the history of Manchester and how it came to be, view the Manchester Bicentennial Virtual Tour. Advertisements

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1001 Conversations: Agriculture

On November 19th 2013 the Manchester Parish Development Committee hosted its second forum in the “1001 Conversations for Economic Development” program. The focus of this forum was Agriculture in Manchester Parish. Specifically, current realities and strategies to enhance economic development in the context of Agricultural industries were explored. In attendance were persons from the farming […]

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Mile Gully Cultural Education Workshop

On November 5th the Manchester Parish Development Committee hosted a Cultural Education Workshop in the culturally and historically rich Manchester community of Mile Gully. The workshop focused on preserving tradition and fostering community development through local and traditional culture. The workshop was attended by local primary and secondary teachers and an SDC representative. It was held at […]

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