The Manchester Parish Development Committee is the embodiment of civil society at the local level. It is a governance mechanism designed to coordinate the planningimplementation and monitoring of sustainable parish development, in partnership between the Manchester Parish Council, the private sector, the public sector, civil society and service clubs. The PDC also serves as a forum in which stakeholders shape parish development within the context of Jamaica’s national vision.
Simply put, the Manchester Parish Development Committee works with Community groups (such as Development Area Committees and Advocacy Groups), the private sector (such as the business community), the public sector (the general public) and local government (the Manchester Parish Council) – bringing these groups together to work as one towards sustainable parish development.
Read more about our vision, mission and roles below – and make sure visit our work section to learn more about the Manchester PDC in action!


To achieve sustainable development through innovation, participation and cooperation. The PDC envisions a “cool, clean and green” Manchester, anchored by strong and vibrant communities and an ever-growing, diversified economy.



To equip all stakeholders with the opportunity to participate in the local governance and sustainable development planning processes that will shape the future of Manchester Parish.


To create an effective, participatory and transparent system of local governance by involving and empowering citizens to engage with their communities and collectively influence the development of their parish.

Our Roles:

As a Facilitator:

The PDC facilitates a monthly Executive meeting for civilian groups and government officials to share information and feedback on issues affenctibg the parish. The Executive Meeting gives communities direct access to government through their committee representatives.

As an Advocate:
The PDC lobbies government and nationaland international agencies to support local causes to improve the quality of life of Manchesterians.

As an Advisor:
The PDC is a non-partisan presence in the Parish Council; advising the local authority on the priorities and values of citizens.

As a Voice:
The PDC gives a voice to citizens. It is an organization properly rooted in the hands of its citizens.