1001 Conversations: Agriculture

On November 19th 2013 the Manchester Parish Development Committee hosted its second forum in the “1001 Conversations for Economic Development” program. The focus of this forum was Agriculture in Manchester Parish. Specifically, current realities and strategies to enhance economic development in the context of Agricultural industries were explored.

In attendance were persons from the farming community, representatives from the MPDC and other stakeholders including RADA and the SDC. Dr. Clifton Reid, Chairman of the Manchester PDC, chaired the meeting.

Several presentations were made, including one covering the direction of the agricultural economy for 2013-2016. Key areas of focus were:

  • There will be a focus on improvement in production and on the productivity of crops and livestock management
  • Encouragement of new entrants to the sector with a greater focus on women and youth
  • Organizational realignment with a greater focus on the technical nature of the regional authority and the capacity building of staff
  • The development of alternate sources of income through income generation projects

Several additional points were as follows:

  • Manchester is now the leading parish for the production of Irish Potatoes. Old England Green House has received approximately $5-6 million in funding from JASIF. Currently 112 farmer’s groups have been formed. A ‘Carrot Project’ is also underway and is progressing very well.

Groups of attendees were divided into small discussion groups to brainstorm and record 1) Gaps in Agriculture 2) Possible solutions to these gaps and 3) Which persons or agencies would be responsible for solving said problems.

We will shortly be uploading the full report forms detailing the conclusions made. Stay tuned for information regarding the next forum in our “1001 Conversations for Economic Growth”!



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