Proposal Writing Workshop

On June 26th, 2013 the Manchester Parish Development Committee and the Social Development Commission hosted a ‘Proposal Writing Workshop’ at the Ridgemount United Conference Room.

Participants were community leaders from Manchester Parish wide Development Area Committees. Attendees stated they were interested in learning how to create a proposal, how to efficiently and effectively market their product or organization and the correct way to structure a proposal to attract stakeholders.

The workshop was broken down into two groups; Tourism and Agriculture—it was noted that the two industries have the potential to be interconnected.

Several factors that need to be taken into consideration when writing a proposal include:

  • The sector in which the proposal is involved
  • Location
  • Purpose
  • Catchy Title
  • Cover Letter: Letters should be one page and provide an overview

Take a look through the pictures below! We will shortly be uploading inclusive tips on how to write an effective proposal.

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