Workshop for Tourism Projects – Alligator Pond

Over 80 members of the community (33 male, 50 female) turned out for the workshop held at Little Ochi Conference Room on May 31, 2012, Manchester Parish Development Committee and the Social Development Commission facilitated the organization of a number of authorities and partners to gather together and educate and collaborate with the community in today’s event. Presentations regarding expertise in tourism related development were provided by the following organizations:

  • Tourist Related Licensing – Sheryll Lewis, Tourism Product Development Company Ltd.
  • Tourist Area Beautification – Ava Dawn, TPDCo
  • Bed and Breakfast Co-ordination – Patricia Patterson, Bed and Breakfast Home Stay Program at the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo)
  • Freedom, Confidentiality, and Safety – Corp. Melvin Smith, Mandeville Police Station
  • Sustainable Community Development – Oren Osbourne, Social Development Committee
  • Tourism Development & Marketing – Annette Salmon, 20 Twenty Strategies

The outcomes of this workshop will be applied towards the implementation of follow-up workshop activities, the creation of an Inter-agency tour, and the formation of an Implementation Committee.

Thank you to all community members and agencies that came out and made this workshop a huge success: CUI, SDC, South Coast, TPDCo, 20Twenty Strategies, NSWMA, Manchester Health Department, Mandeville and Alligator Pond Police. We also extend a special note of appreciation to all presenters (above) and opening remarks from Clarence Myers (Manchester Parish Development Committee), Phil Rodrique (Canadian Urban Institute), Kemar Core (Alligator Pond Development Area), Inspector Cameron Gaston (Alligator Pond Police), and Tony Freckleton (South Coast Resort Board).


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