Manchester PDC Business Centre Soon to Open its Doors to the Community!

The Manchester Parish Development Committee (PDC) is in the final stages of converting a conference room into a business incubator centre for the community. The services offered at the centre will provide internet access, software programs, meeting rooms, and other office functions crucially needed for the successful development of small business start-ups and for the use of the general community. The funds from user fees (as applicable) will also contribute to needed funds for the continued operation of the Manchester PDC programs.

For example, Action Vibes is a community organization which applied for the Rural Economic Development Initiatives Program (REDI), sponsored by the Manchester PDC and funded by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), under its Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI).  Action Vibes is developing sustainable pig rearing facilities and agro-processing facilities in the Asia development area, and currently in the building construction phase. However, to facilitate the progress of their work they require various office administration tools that are often financially inaccessible to small business, for example: communication tools (fax, photocopy, phone, computer, printer), computer software (word processing, databases, spreadsheets, graphic design), and access to research and networking through the internet.

We encourage members of the community to spread the word and email or post the attached information flyer. For further information on rates and availability please contact the Manchester PDC office.



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